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season one brothers were great, why can’t we have that again?? #forevercrying


It’s not a contest or anything but

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Another sequel [x]

Feet hit the pavement at a sprint. Castiel flies down the steps, nearly jumps them when he sees Sam fiddling with his keys and watches his shoulders slouch in that tell tale sign that Castiel knows is Sam’s indecisiveness. The distance between them is closed, one leap after the other until there’s no sun, no asphalt, no memories of a goodbye that shattered their hearts and left the pieces scattered between. Castiel’s arms are secure around Sam, his lips press gently to his back even though the very touch stings like alcohol on papercuts. He can’t stop himself, doesn’t want to even when Sam has turned around in his arms and is grabbing his face to pull him up for long overdue kisses and apologies.

It doesn’t stop the hurt they both feel. It makes it worse when they realize neither of them wanted to let go in the first place. Tears stream down Castiel’s face unbidden and Sam does his best to wipe them with his thumbs, lay warm lips over the cool trails until they’re just as bright. Castiel aches. Sam is ripped open. Their broken memories stick to their skin. 

"Please don’t go- please don’t, I can’t do this again-" Sam pants out. "If you do, I don’t know what I’ll do, just-"

"I won’t- I’m not going anywhere- I don’t want you too either-"

They fit together beautifully. Sam’s arms rest snug around Castiel’s waist and Castiel’s hands hold the back of Sam’s neck allowing him to keep their forehead pressed and their lips slotted in a very familiar rhythm that neither of them have forgotten. 


A sequel to this [x]

Sam is almost at his car. The keys in his hand feel heavy. He tried to smile for Castiel, he tried to not reach out, to not quell the longing he’d felt like an open wound somewhere he couldn’t touch. But the past was the past and after what Sam said to Castiel when they’d last saw each other. There were so many hasty goodbyes. So many averted glances, dead words on numb tongues, stinging eyes hidden with clipped speech. 

He looks down at his hand on the driver side door of his car. It doesn’t matter, he tells himself, what he thought he might have seen flash on Castiel’s face. Those weren’t the same blue eyes he used to know. Time had passed. Things were different. What could he have said anyway to make it better? Make it seem like he didn’t break his own heart by engaging Castiel in conversation to prove he could do it and not feel their old life stirring warm in his blood. 

No, Sam walked down those library steps with a goodbye and Castiel watched just like before. He knew there was nothing to go back to.

Sometimes Sam presses a kiss to the curve of Cass’ neck, grounding himself, because nothing is more real, nothing can make him feel more alive than the pulsing beat of his angel’s heart.

I s2g if they fuck up the Vision in AOU I’m going to flip a bitch.

Okay and see, Vision and Wanda are one of my favorite Marvel couples ever so, like, please don’t do something dumb. UGG. UGG.


Castiel’s heart growing two sizes larger every morning he wakes up next to Sam because it’s so, so easy to love this sweet, wonderful boy, watching the rays of the breaking dawn move across his face and shoulders, one arm thrown over Cas because even in sleep Sam, his Sam, protects him and Cas never feels so blessed when he’s enveloped in that beautifully uncomplicated warmth.

Well it is. Cockyboys yo - shit’s good.

omigosh, but wait. I saw your post earlier about tayte hanson, and I meant to respond or somthing, but then my mom walked into the room and I was like, this is not the time to be talking about gay pornstars and ANYWAY NOT THE POINT, he is such a babe though, v pretty eyes (and everything else) and yes.

well Tumblr flagged me as NSFW within two weeks of this blog existing so yes? I mean I consider myself a fandom blog and porn is a fandom I’m in so…. that’s up to the viewer’s interpretation.

"porn is a fandom I’m in."


s4 cas unf yes

yes. YES.


(whispers) but no, that’s exactly what i was thinking i almost put it in the tags but then thought naahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.