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with the spn preview and dean’s line “i know what you did when you were looking for me”

*cough* hunt with ruby?? drink demon blood?? save people?? not really do anything “evil”?? whatever. *cough*

I hope people remember that this is a demon talking.

i’m pretty sure…

Dean and Sam are not together for the first several episodes of the season (the writers and actors have said this in interviews, I will find the source when I’m not on mobile and add it in).

The scenes are set later in the season. I think Demon!Dean is referring to Sam’s most recent hunt for him, which Jared mentioned was taking Sam down dark paths and having him do questionable things (again, I’ll find you the sources when I’m not on my phone).

Demon!Dean is riling him up, but I don’t think it will be entirely unfounded accusations. I don’t think it has anything to do with the older seasons.

That could be very true (and ngl, I haven’t really been keeping up on the various s10 announcements, so it makes sense why I wouldn’t jump to that thought)

Actually, after having that pointed out I’m thinking that you’re probably right.

Although I’m still not a fan of making Sam take “dark paths” or whatever, so I’m still holding out that his accusations will be unfounded.



Help us get to the halfway mark!


with the spn preview and dean’s line “i know what you did when you were looking for me”

*cough* hunt with ruby?? drink demon blood?? save people?? not really do anything “evil”?? whatever. *cough*

I hope people remember that this is a demon talking.

i’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be taken as a ridiculous accusation that a demon might say because they’re fucking demons and that us, as the audience, are supposed to go “wow demon!dean, you’re really out of line!”

so like,

if i end up seeing people taking his side all, “yeah, sam was just as bad,” like, imma have to tell you to calm down.

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Sam loves Cas’s scent - he always smells like clean earth and pine trees but today there’s something different, a faint whiff of something that isn’t normally there - it’s cologne, Old Spice from the smell of it.  Cas isn’t wearing much, just enough for Sam to notice and he smiles every time Sam nuzzles his neck and inhales, his angel smelling warm and welcoming.


Sam taking Cas on a rowboat, using his wings to shield the sun and there’s something very relaxing yet arousing watching Sam’s biceps bulge every time he pulls the oars back, the water lapping at the wooden hull and when they get out to the middle of the lake Sam situates himself so that Cas can lean back against him, watching the sun and clouds as they bob gently in the water, not a care in the world save for being with each other.


Cas comes home one night after being in surgery all day and Sam can tell he’s beat to hell, taking him by the hand and leading him to his study, showing him the new massage table he bought and Cas lets out a grateful moan as Sam undresses him and lays him out on it, Sam kissing his way slowly down Cas’s spine before he puts his hands on him and there’s mint-scented massage oil and Sam’s magnificently skilled fingers working out the knots in his shoulders, slow and deep and Cas feels it all the way down to his bones, ending up a pliant mass and Sam scoops him up, cradling his now very sleepy husband in his arms and depositing him on the couch, departing with a kiss and telling him he’ll get dinner started.


It’s warm and quiet in the back of the Impala, Dean behind the wheel and humming along to the radio, two very, very tired angels in the backseat because Sam and Cas’s Grace is sapped from their last hunt, both of them banged up but they’re whole if not quite hearty, Sam stretched out as best as he can manage to accommodate Cas, using his chest as a pillow - Cas is definitely asleep, face turned in toward’s Sam’s neck, one hand slipped in between the undone buttons midway down Sam’s shirt, grounding himself with warm skin and Sam’s got his nose buried in Cas’s hair, knowing it’s gonna take a while to rest and recharge but for right now keeping Cas close is all he needs.